Saturday, March 25, 2023

Does iPhone Have Virtual Reality?

The emergence of virtual reality has been the talk of the town. And now, new designs and features were finally out for more surprises. Guess what? It’s not just part of famous game consoles such as Playstation or amazing TV ads that tout VR products, but virtual reality is becoming more common.

VR defined

Over the years, virtual reality has been extremely difficult to define. Some people define “virtual” as unreal or fake, and “reality” means real or refer to as real world. This definition results in an oxymoron. However, the real definition of virtual is “to have an effect of being there without actually being there”, and the meaning of reality is “being real” or “to have a concrete existence”.

Presently, you can now use VR via head-mounted or handheld viewers such as Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard. But is it really possible to have VR on iPhone? Unfortunately, VR is more recommended for Android users. Nevertheless, you can still explore and enjoy it in your iPhone in several ways.

How to use VR in an iPhone?

To get yourself into action, prepare a viewing device, say for instance Google Cardboard, which offers two lenses as well as immersive viewing surrounding needed for the best VR experience. Then, download specific apps which deliver VR content.

Once done, you can now proceed using it on your iPhone. Fret not because the process is so simple. You just need to tap the app and open it. Next, place your Smartphone right into the viewer along with screen that is facing you. You have to level this viewer into your eyes and voila, you will be directed to VR environment. The thing here is, you possibly can’t interact with anything in the app, depending on the app you used and the viewer you’ve utilized.

At the moment, VR on the iPhone is more often considered as a passive experience. Meaning to say, you can see contents although several viewers feature buttons designed specifically for interaction. In case you haven’t tried yet the Samsung Gear VR headset, it boasts a feature which allows you to move via menus and choose content within VR. Other iPhone-compatible VR apps enable you to pick items through focusing on a specific onscreen target.

VR Headsets Compatible With iPhone

Are you looking for a good VR headset for your Smartphone? Then, make sure the device is compatible and won’t need a connection that your iPhone does not offer. By that, here are some suggestions for you:

Homido VR

It’s a gear which focuses on compatibility for individuals who wears glasses, adjustable lenses and comfort.

Google Cardboard

It’s a basic and lightweight viewer. Indeed, a good option for those who search for affordable headsets.

Zeiss VR One Plus

On the other hand, Zeiss VR One Plus is your way to go if you’d like better headset. This can support augmented reality applications.

Going back to the question, does iPhone have virtual reality? The answer depends on the viewer you’ll use. Let’s just wait for the time that it will be completely available to Smartphone users. iPhone should create a support for VR viewers or headsets and VR itself into the iOS. Once Apple incorporates core support for the new technologies and features to the iOS, then that’s the time that we’ll adopt VR on the iPhone.


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