Saturday, March 25, 2023

Why VR Porn Is Rising So Rapidly

More people are looking at pornography today than ever before. According to statistics, one out of every three individuals who use the internet, do so to check out adult content. Some adult sites manage to get millions of visitors every hour. But, if you thought those numbers were impressive, get ready for more. VR porn videos are managing over 5 million views per month. The entire VR porn category is rising at 200% clip. Additionally, VR headsets are flying out of stores as people are buying them all over.

Clearly, there is something going on in the adult industry. The rise of porno is already at all times high. Now, you also have gazillions of those viewers changing course. These people are no longer interested in looking at porn through a screen. Instead, they are using virtual reality goggles to do so. So why are so many jumping in on the VR bandwagon? What exactly do they see with the headgear that is driving this spike?

When put all together, there are numerous causes behind this latest VR porn trend. One of the first is what virtual reality porn videos deliver. If you have never tried looking at pornography through a VR prism, be warned. Chances are that once you do so, you may never put them down again. That is exactly what is happening to millions of people who tried looking at porn via VR headgear. Each one of them instantly boasted about how significant the difference is between normal porn and VR porn. History has proven that nothing helps spread the sale and use of something, as word of mouth.

Unlike traditional pornography, virtual reality is in a world of its own. That is both literally and figuratively speaking. VR porn is pleasurable, entertaining, immersive and accessible. Most of all though, it is completely addictive. These are things a great deal of people have already said about normal porn. However, VR porn can be compared to regular porn on steroids. The moment you put on a set of VR goggles, the roller coaster ride begins. Yet, this is one ride you will not want to get off from. At least not until you have climaxed and come.

Everyone knows that porno is amazing for those that watch it because of what it provides. It allows people to find relief from sexual stress. They can also find answers to their curiosity as it pertains to certain sex acts. One gets to indulge in kinks, fetishes and fantasies. And of course there’s being able to obtain pleasure via masturbation. All of these things are amplified hundredfold when you view porn using virtual reality. The moment you place your headset on, the adventure begins.

Virtual reality porn is recorded using special cameras. They can capture images at angles of 360 degrees. Additionally, the POV is set at 180 degrees. Combined together, a person will truly believe they are inside the porn video. In VR porn, you watch a woman taking off her clothes in front of you. But, it will feel as if you can actually grab her and touch her. As if she is close enough so that her tits are there for the taking. In many instances, a person will literally jump back and be startled by the characters in front of them. That is how real virtual reality porn videos are. Or how realistic they appear to be once you have on the headgear.

The vast majority of VR porn videos, use a male character to represent you. That’s where the 180-degree POV comes into play. The character will make you feel as if his body is yours. So when the woman in the VR porn video begins to grab his cock, you will think she is grabbing your very own. Once the beautiful girl starts to suck on the dick, you are immersed. As she begins riding that cock, your mind will think she is on top of your penis. All of this is the point of virtual reality porn. To make you feel as if you are actually taking part in the sex act.


To make VR porn videos even more addicting, fun and pleasurable, they are also interactive. The user will have options that can change the result of what takes place in the porn story. Think of it as you being in control of a porno movie. The actresses in the VR porn, will do whatever you tell them to. Before you know it, hours will have passed as you watch VR porn. You will become transfixed and engulfed in the porn video as never before.

Coincidentally, the porn industry is investing millions to make VR porn better. That means sex and masturbation will never be the same if you use VR porn. No wonder so many are saying goodbye to normal porn viewing. Instead, they are putting on a headgear and immersing themselves in the virtual reality porn world.

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