Does iPhone Have Virtual Reality?

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The emergence of virtual reality has been the talk of the town. And now, new designs and features were finally out for more surprises. Guess what? It’s not just part of famous game consoles such as Playstation or amazing TV ads that tout VR products, but virtual reality is becoming more Read More

When Did Virtual Reality Become Popular

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No one can blame you if you’re a virtual reality enthusiast. It can be entertaining more than a regular computer and television can do. It creates an environment that is not real but is like real. It can jump you into a world you have never been before, or you want to be.

Virtual reality started way back you would never imagine it already existed. In 1838, Charle’s Wheatstone research demonstrated that the brain processes two-dimensional images from each eye into a single object of three-dimensions. Viewing a photo through stereoscope can give it depth and immersion. This discovery later evolved into Read More


Which virtual reality headset is the best?

There are so many virtual reality (VR) headsets in the market and picking which one is the greatest is something that is very hard to do especially now that there are so many high-end devices dropping prices to be more affordable and accessible to the mass users. Thanks to these permanent price drops, VR enthusiasts are able to experiment on different ends of VR headsets.

Let us round-up the best VR headset for PC, mobile Read More